Achieving the unachievable

Posted by Matthias Lange on Monday, November 20, 2006 at 5:16 pm

Today at 11am was the day of the days: I have finished writing my bachelor thesis and filed it at our examination office. Within the next weeks I have to give a talk presenting my thesis and after that I am eligible for the title bachelor of science in computer science

The last week was full of nightshifts to finish my implementation of an architectural neutral page table interface for the Fiasco micro-kernel. Yesterday afternoon the kernel booted successfully for the first time on the qemu emulator. That doesn't mean that it will also work on real hardware. So it took me another few hours to fix that.

By 4:30am this morning I gave the finishing touches to my thesis, went to bed for 2 hours and printed the whole thing during breakfast.

Now I am happy that it is over.